I was told I was ‘lucky to have a job’ and should keep quiet

When I fell pregnant the first time around I was effectively managing our small team as we didn’t have a direct boss for a number of years. I was recognised for this in bonuses but not given an official title.
There was eventually a larger team restructure and I was passed over for promotion and the job of managing our team was given to a man. I was pregnant at this point and was not given the opportunity to apply.

I returned to work part time and was treated as if I was on work experience (I have 10 years plus industry experience) and was often kept in the dark over projects the rest of the team were working on. There was resentment as I had taken a years mat leave and I was considered to be ‘never here’ as I worked 3 days a week.

Whilst the restructure was taking place, one of my colleagues who was on mat leave was paid to leave and keep quiet. She also worked part time and her boss ‘didn’t like part timers’. I was told I was ‘lucky to have a job’ and should keep quiet.

After I returned from my second mat leave I was passed over again for promotion when the post of manager became vacant. It was filled again by a man and I wasn’t even told the job had been advertised.

This manager has proved himself hopeless in the role and it is incredibly frustrating to watch our team suffering as a result knowing that I could have made a difference. Now however I feel my priorities have changed and my loyalty to this company has been damaged. I just turn up and work my hours. It’s a shame but this way I keep my sanity and have a better work life balance.


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