I was working on market-leading baby magazines when I suffered discrimination because I was pregnant

The joke was that I was working for a UK publisher, on market-leading baby magazines, when I suffered sexual discrimination because I was pregnant.

My female MD deemed me to have transgressed an internal rule about how quickly to have a second pregnancy so froze me out. Literally, she and the management team chose not to speak to me, for weeks.

After having the baby, I was offered lesser roles to return to by my manager. This was only after they promoted my junior to my old position so I couldn’t return to the baby market. As this was the second time they had tried it on after maternity I went legal, issuing them with a tribunal claim.

I handed it in person to the chief executive who was the only person to offer any apology for the way I’d been treated. After that we reached a compromise pretty quickly, but only after I’d engaged a top London legal firm and forced my company to change their corporate lawyers. I was reluctant to sign the NDA but keen to get on with my new enterprise, my own business, my third “baby”, started whilst I was on maternity leave. That new venture allowed me a better work/life balance and a more rewarding long term career. And recently I sold the business too. What’s the phrase, don’t get mad get even?


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