I worked full-time my whole life but couldn’t get maternity pay

I’ve worked full-time my whole life. But was ineligible for maternity or paternity pay.

I was 4 months pregnant before I found out I was expecting.

I had recently moved jobs for a promotion.

Alas, that meant no occupational maternity pay for me, and no statutory maternity pay, as I had not been with my employer long enough.

I was nearly 40. I had worked my whole life. Suddenly I was reduced to an income of £140 a week. I had a mortgage to pay. It was never going to pay the bills

My husband investigated shared parental leave and pay. He is self employed, and so was ineligible.

I ended up returning to work 3 months after giving birth. I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay at home with my daughter.

But it seems that if you’re pregnant, and you change jobs whilst your baby is gestating, your rights to a decent wage go out of the window..


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