I’ve been relegated to the bench, no pay rise, no transfer, absolutely no development of me until I come back from maternity leave

In the months running up to my pregnancy announcement I had been offered and was in the process of moving departments. My new manager was excited, my replacement had been recruited and I was tying up loose ends.

I confide in my current manager (who is also pregnant) and our director with my exciting news. It’s still a secret, I’m waiting for my 12 week scan. Everyone seems happy and I naively assume that life will carry on as normal.

Fast-forward a week and my director is casually announcing my pregnancy to half the office, some people don’t hear, I’m getting secret e-mails from others who promise not to say anything. Luckily my 12 week scan was fine and I got to make a proper announcement to the remaining 2 people who had no idea, and I let it slide.

This same person is then wishing to discuss my job with me, it comes across as a desperate plea to keep me in my current team, I’m needed there, it’s ‘going to fall apart’ without you, the choice is still mine, I can go and pursue this other role, or I can stay. For more money? Of course! I can’t believe that’s how much you are on, this is ridiculous you need to speak up in future. Great, I thought. There was a bit of bad mouthing of another team member (remember the other one who is pregnant?), left me a little uneasy but hey, my pay was looked at for the first time in over a year and I got it, just when I needed it the most.

A meeting was supposed to be set for a formal pay rise offer, with a new manager who started a few weeks before. We sat down and she began talking. Unfortunately, the words that came out of her mouth made no sense to me. No more money, you’re already overpaid, we can look at the transfer when you’re back from maternity leave. Emotions take over and I cry. I can’t form any kind of meaningful sentence. I’ve been relegated to the bench, no pay rise, no transfer, absolutely no development of me until I come back from maternity leave. My working life has become a monotonous chore of writing instructions for everything I do.

I’ve had no further contact with my director, no apology, he avoids me like the plague and I’ve lost my voice. I can’t wait to get out of here, four months and counting…


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