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The needs of mothers are ignored by those in power. Together we are taking on the Government, employers and institutions to fight for affordable childcare, flexible working, properly paid parental leave, access to justice and an end to maternity discrimination. Join our crew of funny, ferocious women challenging the systems which oppress us and become a Pregnant Then Screwed member today. We can’t do this without you. 

  • Minimum £3.50 per month 
  • Concessions: £2 per month (for those on maternity leave or not working) 

“Your work is fantastic. Pregnant Then Screwed will be taught in schools in years to come as part of the history of freedom for women. Amazing.” 

Caroline, PTS donor 

“As a small operation, they have had a mighty impact on our understanding of just how much women who are pregnant and new mothers are suffering during this pandemic. The work they have done to uncover the inequalities and the impact of legislation, or lack of impact, has been absolutely staggering.” 

– Stella Creasy MP, Feb 2021, Maternity Allowances Bill debate


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