The last thing I wanted to do was leave a job I love and look for another one, whilst looking after a baby, my brain couldn’t take it

It’s kind of hard to tell when the problems started. But it was probably before I got pregnant and was going through my first failed IVF attempt.
With all the doctors appointments I had to let them know what was happening, so reluctantly I told my all male bosses, at this time the company had no HR department. There response was I had to take the time off out of my holidays!
I was stressed and so focused on trying to get pregnant that I didn’t really question it. And that’s when I was unsuccessful.
With no eggs saved we were forced to go private and pay to try again. Luckily this time we were successful and being pregnant and on maternity leave was the happiest time of my life, without a doubt.
Maternity Package was poor, the basic minimum. Considering I had been there 8years already!
When returning to work I wanted to do a four day week, like the other two women in the company who already had kids. But I was told as I was in a different department I could have no flexi time. I joined the union, and they were of little help and said that work work above the law and if they said it was detrimental to the running of the business, there was nothing I could do.
The last thing I wanted to do was leave a job I love and look for another one, whilst looking after a baby, my brain couldn’t take it.
So I accepted this was just normal and then asked if I could at least change my hours to finish at 5pm instead of 6pm to get to nursery on time? This was another battle, eventually they agreed but I couldn’t start any earlier and they cut my wage by an hour a day!!!

I’m still here, working my ass off because the money is good and I do love my job. I work through lunch a lot as the hour I lose means I’m behind. I am also the only woman in the company out of 6 that isn’t allowed a 4 day week, that’s another story… As new roles were set up for them but not offered to me! But it wasn’t their fault, I’m not bitter towards them. They are my friends, as mums you have to stick together, you are all just trying to do your best for your family.
My daughter starts school in sept, so it feels pointless now but it’s felt nice telling my story and getting it off my chest. So thank you xxx


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