Let’s go Scotland! Write to your local councillor to protect the Early Learning and Childcare 2024/2025 budget

Make some noise Scotland!

The local councils in Scotland will soon be setting their budget for 2024/25.

We are concerned that the Early Learning and Childcare budget may be cut and we need to make our voices heard to ensure the budget for these services is saved.

As you know, Early Learning and Childcare are crucial to families and these budget decisions could threaten the support services that many parents rely on.

We know that without affordable, accessible, high quality ELC, It is predominantly mothers who reduce their working hours or leave the labour market altogether. The closure of a childcare setting, or change in its cost or availability, makes it harder for women to work and maintain financial stability.

Childcare is infrastructure and without it parents are unable to work. We know that most families need two incomes to live comfortably due to the cost of living. By removing this infrastructure it is inevitable that both the gender pay gap and poverty will increase. Childcare is the first line of defence against poverty and health inequalities.

We need to make some noise and make it now. We have written a template letter that can be sent to your local councillor easily and quickly. Please head to the app below.




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