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Letter to Met Police following child Q incident

Pregnant Then Screwed worked with Tinuke Awe, founder of Mums and Tea and Black maternal health campaigner, to demand decisive action from the Met Police following the horrific incident where a Black school girl was strip searched by police officers at school. The open letter was signed by a number of high profile Black women and men including: Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix, Ian Wright, Candice Carty Williams and more. We are awaiting the response from the Met Police.
Dear Sir Steven House,
We are writing to you as a group of Black women and men who are outraged at the recent news that a 15 year Black girl was stripped searched at her school by Metropolitan Police officers whilst menstruating. This intimate search occurred without an appropriate adult or teacher present after a teacher at her school alleged she smelt of cannabis. It was also suspected that she may have been carrying cannabis. Subsequently no drugs were found on her persons, however, even if drugs had been found, an intimate strip search of a child in this context, whilst on her period, without an appropriate adult or teacher present is inexcusable.
People from Black communities do not feel safe in the presence of the police nor do they have trust or faith that the police will treat people from these communities fairly and without bias.
This incident is yet another example of how racism is endemic within the Metropolitan Police and leads to Black men, women and children being assaulted and traumatised by the very people who are meant to protect us. As parents, we fear for the safety and wellbeing of our children knowing that racism, discrimination and bias affect their everyday life. Our children and this child should be safe at school, but they are not.
Trust in the Metropolitan Police from the Black community must be earned. This incident is yet another crush to our sense of freedom and security and we are collectively devastated for this child who has had to bear the brunt of the racism which runs rife through your police force and additionally the education system. We feel her pain and trauma throughout our community and we long for a day when Black people do not feel unsafe in your presence.
We are calling on you to take immediate and decisive action on this issue, to demonstrate  and acknowledge that this behaviour is and was wholly unacceptable. The police officers involved must be held accountable for their actions and appropriate measures should be taken if they are still serving officers. An apology is not enough, we need to see tangible actions and repercussions for those involved.
We look forward to your response.


  • Atinuke Awe, Mums and Tea & Five X More
  • Clotilde Abe – Prosperitys & Five X More
  • Leigh-Anne Pinnock from Little Mix
  • Vanessa Kingori MBE
  • Ian Wright
  • Jodie Turner Smith
  • Shola Mos- Shogbamimu
  • Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP
  • Rochelle Humes
  • Jamelia
  • Candice Carty Williams
  • Kehinde Andrews
  • Carina White – Black Mums Upfront,
  • Osha Daley- Pregnant then Screwed
  • Elliot Rae – Music, Fatherhood and Football
  • Ben Anderson – Diary of a Dad
  • Mandu Reid- Women’s Equality Party


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