More Mothers In Parliament

What’s the problem?

Do you ever look at debates happening in Westminster and think to yourself

“These people don’t represent me! They don’t know or care anything about my problems and the things I have to deal with!”

Well you are not alone!

We desperately need to get more mothers of small children into parliament and local government if we want laws and policies to be made that genuinely benefit mothers in the real world. 

The thing is, being a member of parliament as a mother comes with significant barriers that need breaking down and hurdles that you have to jump, all designed to make your presence there extra difficult (as anybody who has been following Stella Creasey MP’s battle to get maternity cover will know)


What progress have we made?

We’re working with Stella Creasey MP to launch This Mum Votes, a network of mums who either want to stand in elections or be a support network for those who do, we’ve had over 3000 women sign up so far, to register visit This Mum Votes Here


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