What is the March route?

📍Civic Centre ➡️📍 Grey’s Monument

Alt text: Newcastle march of the mummies route map from Civic centre to Grey's Monument


Will there be toilet access during the March?

The toilets available on the March route are the public toilets managed by the Council. Unfortunately we were not allowed to place extra toilets on the route. You can find toilets along the route using this website, or the Flush app (Android & Apple) .

Will I have access to water?

There won’t be any water provided during the march however, we do recommend you bring a water bottle and if you’re able to, download the app ‘Refill’. This will provide you with locations along the route where you can access water.


How far is the march route?

0.4 miles


What if I need to sit down?

Please bring foldable chairs if you can, unfortunately we don’t have the resources to hire and manage seating areas in all of our locations.


What times do the march and rally start?

At 10.30am, we will gather at the Civic Centre, then leave at 11am and the rally will commence shortly after we arrive at Grey’s Monument. We expect the rally to end at 1pm.


Will I be arrested for taking part in a protest?

The policing bill has not been brought into force yet so we are still able to protest freely. March of the Mummies has been agreed with the local council so there is no reason why anyone would be arrested.


Can I bring children? Can men come?

This is a family friendly march. Everyone is welcome.


Will the march still take place if it’s raining?

No matter the weather, we will march. Bring a brolly and sun cream – just in case.


What’s the best way to share this through my personal social media?

Please make sure you’re following Pregnant Then Screwed on social media and tag us in any pictures or videos on the day. You can also use the #MarchOfTheMummies


How can I join in if I can’t attend in person?

We’re asking those who cannot attend in person to post on social media on the day of the protest using the hashtag #MarchOfTheMummies


Can I make a banner?

We would love it if you could create your own banner/placard. Feel free to create your own but if you are looking for ideas, there are lots on our website – just remember this is a family friendly protest. Take a look!


Can I put up posters for my March?

Of course! Download and print your poster here!


What if the march is too long, but I want to attend?

We completely understand that marching is not accessible for everyone, but if you’re up for speeches and good old-fashioned shouting, then please meet us at the rally in Grey’s Monument at 12pm!

Anything else I should know?

Please follow the Newcastle March page on facebook page for updates, keep an eye on your children if you’re bringing them along (write down your name and number and stick in in their pocket just in case) and if you need anything on the day, or see anything that needs attention, please alert one of our stewards.


See you there!!! 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟


Meet our speakers!

Catherine Mckinnel

Catherine was first elected as the Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne North in May 2010. Catherine is currently Chair of the Petitions Committee in Parliament, and has led debates on childcare funding and affordability, support for new parents during the pandemic, School Holiday Hunger, Ukrainian Refugees, school reform and online harms.

Since her election in 2010 Catherine has served as Shadow Solicitor General, Shadow Minister for Children & Young Families, Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury and Shadow Attorney General.


Mel Wilson

Mel Wilson a rep on the National Negotiating team for the CWU representing EE call centre in Darlington where she’s worked for 23 years. She is a mum to 4 children (and was hated on by the Daily Mail in 2011 for live tweeting the birth of her third child).


Kelly Rickard

Kelly Rickard is an Actor, Singer and Stand Up Comedian. She co-presents the Apple TV and Film Top 20 Podcast @MafsHysteria and is the winner of the Felt Nowt New Comedian of the Year 21/22 Award.

Erin Parker Leonard

Erin Parker Leonard is a busy mum of two girls and lives in North Tyneside with her wife. She is passionate about women’s issues and how women are represented.

She has been a local councillor for almost 4 years. She is also the breast feeding champion. Erin has a background working with young people and in the homelessness sector and is also a diversity rep for the LGBTQ+ community for 50:50 Parliament.

Erin is chair of an award winning women’s branch and as a group they have done a lot of campaigning and raising awareness of issues such as the white ribbon project, period poverty and domestic violence issues.


Sara Bryson

Sara Bryson is the Community Organiser for Tyne & Wear Citizens. Citizens UK organises communities to act together for power, social justice and the common good. Launched by Citizens UK in 2001, the Living Wage campaign has won over £210 million of additional wages, lifting over 70,000 families out of working poverty.

Tahmina Ali

Tahmina is a British Bangladeshi, Newcastle-upon-Tyne based spoken word poet, creative freelancer and young mother. Poetry has been a significant tool in Tahmina’s life, it gave her a voice at a time where she felt voiceless. Now through her workshops Tahmina aims to pass on those very tools to others.



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