Image description: Women marching in the March of the Mummies protest with placards and drums

Protest Banner Ideas

Want to bring a banner to March Of The Mummies? Great! We asked the Pregnant Then Screwed community for their ideas and they delivered. Find your favourite below and get painting


  • Invest in my womb and watch the economy boom

  • Britain’s Parents Deserve Better

  • Stop crushing the present while we raise the future

  • Untapped parent resources are trapped by political slow horses

  • The parent faction are trapped by your inaction

  • Our skills can boost the treasury if you’d only help to fund our nursery

  • Face an aging population if you won’t support the new generation

  • Childcare needing cash causing a clash

  • She believed she could, but she lacked affordable childcare, so she didn’t.

  • Manchester: Alright R Kid? No we’ve had 12 years of Tories

  • 39 weeks of stat pay? Can’t afford to take it.

  • Invest in childcare, that’s the way, to grow the economy and our pay

  • You plan to change childcare ratio? This will be a massive blow.

  • It’s 2022, yet affordable childcare options are too few

  • The future won’t raise itself

  • It takes a village to raise a child but most parents would settle for an affordable nursery

  • The kids are not alright!

  • Iceland had it right, let’s go on strike

  • This girl can’t! (Because childcare is too expensive)

  • Knocked up and knocked off the career ladder

  • You say we’re the ‘worst idlers’, but we just need child minders

  • Womb for improvement on our pay

  • Investing in childcare = investing in the future

  • Shared parenting makes happier babies; parental leave shouldn’t only be for ladies.

  • Roses are red, Violets are blue. We have all been Pregnant then Screwed

  • Who’s looking after your kids?

  • The magic money tree won’t appear if we don’t invest in the early years!

  • Had a baby, nothing new there. Didn’t realise life would become so unfair.

  • Discrimination for raising the future generation

  • Working 9-5 but also 5-9

  • We have a massive gender pay gap because Mother’s are treated like crap

  • When it’s cheaper to stay at home than work, you know the system is being ran by a jerk!

  • Too much grief from one night in the sheets

  • SMP – Sending Mothers to Poverty

  • Woah Liz, No, No ,No! Do not increase child ratio!

  • Mind the pension gap

  • allow mother’s to sleigh, give fathers paternity pay

  • Truss don’t delay, give father’s paternity pay.

  • He shall conceive, but have no paid leave

  • if I conceive, then work I must leave, the economy will go bust, without my hard earned crust

  • Working, to pay childcare, to work. Make it make sense!

  • Listen up Liz Truss, UK mums have had enough.

  • Give mums their fair share, support some decent childcare.

  • Childcare should be parent-fair!

  • Twinkle twinkle little Truss, these mum’s have had enough.

  • Stay at home mums are working mums.

  • Stay at home mum: not a hobby actually!

  • Just because I can make babies burp doesn’t mean I cannot work

  • Fund our futures

  • Childcare costs a 💣 and it’s blowing our careers apart

  • Rock a bye baby on the tree top: your mum couldn’t get childcare but her pay cannot stop

  • Affordable childcare = more people in employment = better economy. Do the maths!

  • Flexible working doesn’t mean I’m shirking!

  • Without the product of my womb, you have no pension….. tit for tat

  • quality bum wiping for the kids of today means quality bum wiping for you tomorrow

  • Could you live off £156.66 a week Liz Truss? Statutory maternity leave pay is  <poo emoji>

  • To Paternity and beyond


  • You owe the new generation an explanation

  • Hell hath no fury like a woman SCREWED

  • Plain and simple facts: “£33k salary and I couldn’t afford to work”  (substitute for own salary amount!)

  • Working 9 to 5, won’t even cover the cost of living. Barely getting by, even though there’s value in caregiving. They put up the bills, so we’re never in credit. It’s time to protest a government who don’t get it! 🎶

  • Raising children is not a side hustle

  • Back to work with Fulltime childcare? I’m not a Tory millionare!

  • Whilst we’re birthing the future, you’re killing our prospects!


  • childcare costs are crummies, so this is the march of the mummies

  • your policies are dirtier than my baby’s nappies

  • we want to work, and pay our tax; but we need affordable childcare, until we get it we won’t relax.

  • adequate childcare = £10.2bn increase in GDP. Better gains than Brexit!

  • I’ve got 99 problems… and most of them could be sorted out by affordable childcare.

  • 1:4 or 1:5 place your bets on who will thrive

  • It’s the circle of childcare: if we fund it all, childcare workers can get paid, enough to pay taxes and then the mums who return to work will also pay taxes and their kids will grow up happy and also pay taxes.

  • Think you can look after 4 toddlers for minimum wage? Let’s set up a play date!!

  • Yes you, Liz Truss, Please listen to us! Nursery fees that exceed our pay, will stop us having a working day.

  • 67,173 at the Euros final in 2020, while pregnant women gave birth alone in hospital


Halloween costume slogan ideas:

BOO! Invest in childcare or I’ll haunt your economy for generations

witch: bubble bubble, toil and trouble, the pay is gone and childcare a muddle

Witch: I’m meeelting (from the crippling cost of childcare)


Sign ideas for the men attending:

Men of quality don‘t fear equality

What she says!

Fathers for affordable childcare


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