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Our tribunal mentor scheme has re-opened!

Thanks to your generous donations, and our brilliant volunteers, we have re-opened our mentor scheme for women taking legal action against an employer after they have experienced discrimination.


The legal system wasn’t built for women. You could say that the law entirely fails to incorporate the lived experience of pregnant women and mothers in the protections it pretends to offer her. Fewer than 1% of those who experience pregnancy or maternity discrimination even raise a tribunal claim.


But, we are here. We are here to hold your hand, to listen when it feels like it’s going to 💩 and to guide you through the process. And, although the tribunal process is not something I would wish on anyone, I promise that with our help, that journey will feel a whole heap more doable.


Last year we helped women secure over £600,000 in settlements after they got shafted. If you get pushed out of your job because you dared to procreate, experience bullying or harassment, get demoted or find you’re suddenly side-lined due to motherhood, then please get in touch through the form below, or read more.


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