Parents template letter to MPS

19th March 2020

Dear MP 


Parents across the UK have just been told that schools and childcare facilities will close indefinitely. They can’t work because they have to look after their children, and that means they can’t earn any money. Simultaneously, they are being told they must continue to pay their childcare fees, which can be in excess of £1,500 per month. Research by campaign group ‘Pregnant Then Screwed’ with over 6,000 parents revealed that for a third of parents, their wage either doesn’t cover their childcare bill, or it is equal to their childcare bill; now they won’t even receive their wage. We know that this will disproportionately impact women who do the majority of the childcare, and 90% of single parent families are mothers. Within a matter of days, the debt for many will spiral out of control. They won’t be able to pay for food, heating or water. In other countries including France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark the Government has considered this issue and made provisions to ensure families won’t be forced into desperate poverty during this crisis. If the Government does not act soon the short term and long term impact will be catastrophic.


Childcare facilities are also under immense stress and strain. After years of being underfunded, many were closing their doors, thereby reducing childcare provision across the UK, particularly in areas of deprivation. We need to ensure nurseries and childminders receive enough money so that they can open their doors again once this crisis is over, otherwise, without childcare, our economy will most definitely grind to a standstill. 


As your constituent I am asking that you raise this in the Chamber as a matter of urgency and ensure protection and clarity is provided for vulnerable families during this crisis. 


Yours Sincerely,  




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