Image description: worn-out pregnant woman on the phone receviving reassuring support and advice

Pregnant Then Screwed launches mental health support line

We’re launching a mental health support line to help pregnant women and mothers facing discrimination in work. The mental and emotional effects of discrimination are MASSIVE. 


Last year we did a survey that showed that only 28% of mothers described their mental health as good and a third of mothers have experienced depression in the pandemic (32.4%). It also revealed that 7% of mothers who have a child aged between 5 – 10 years old say they have had suicidal thoughts and 10% say they are on antidepressants. 


We’ve partnered with the charity Mind to deliver a mental health support line for anyone who has experienced maternity discrimination in the workplace. We want to do our very best to support our community, and we hope to extend our level of support with this new support line. 


Read more about the helpline here, and get in touch the same way you would for our advice line on 0161 2229879.


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