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RESET 2022: Festival of motherhood and mental health

RESET is our annual festival for pregnant women and mothers. This year we’ve got an absolute cracker for you as we bring together some of the world’s leading experts in mental health, happiness and wellbeing to help you recover from the absolute TURD that was the last 2 years.

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The festival will take place online from the 12th – 16th September 2022 and will include: keynote talks, interviews, workshops, yoga, meditation, poetry, dance parties and comedy. All attendees will be offered the opportunity to access one to one mental health support. Events can be attended live or can be watched back at a time that suits you. 

Tickets are just £6 and can be purchased here, or free if you couldn’t otherwise afford to come – just email us. The full programme will be published in August, but here is a taster of what is involved:

Day 1 Laughter is the best medicine

Welcome and introductions from our founder – Joeli Brearley, plus stand up comedy from comedian Juliette Burton, poetry and a Q&A session with comedians about motherhood.

Day 2 Maternal mental health 

We’ve got a lot to unpack from guilt, to traumatic births, to postnatal depression, to finding your identity, to the specific experiences of Black women in maternity care and the absolute nightmare that was giving birth during lockdown. We will be doing art therapy, yoga with Ms Holistic, workshops and Q&As with experts featuring author and influencer Laura Belbin a.k.a. Knee Deep In Life, Black maternal health advocates Sandra Igwe and Nehanda Truscott-Reid and clinical psychologist Dr Frankie Harrison.

Day 3 Rebuilding after lockdown 

Lockdown sent everything off kilter, including our minds, and today will be an attempt to glue everything back together. From understanding how to help your kid’s with their mental health challenges, to repairing the chinks in your relationship with Charlene Douglas, to recognising the signs of parental burnout with award winning clinical psychologist Dr Emma Svanberg and dealing with it before it is too late. We will be running special sessions for single parents with Cathy Reay and Remi Sade and we will be digesting and discussing our birth stories through contemporary art images with Shoshana Maurer  – which sounds a bit out there, but trust me, it will be ace.  

Day 4 Mental Health and Money

The cost of living crisis has hit families hard and is likely to get worse as we head into the winter. This day will focus on how to increase your income, whilst reducing your outgoings and how to manage your mental health when you are worried about your finances. We’ll be hearing from Selina Flavius at Black Girl Finance, doing some reflective writing with Helen Bryce and be joined by a special guest to discuss birth and covid. 

Day 5 Empowering Change

Many mothers report their confidence being flawed by the pandemic. This day will focus on rebuilding that confidence and being in control of hormones which can scupper your wellbeing. We will have brilliant talks on personal development with Brita Fernandez Schmidt, understanding your cycle with Maisie Hill and how we can change the system with Sophie Walker and Pragya Argawal.
Then we’ll end the day with comedy, and finally a dance party BABY. 

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Tickets for the event will also give you access to a one to one session with a therapist to discuss whatever is on your mind, and you will be able to chat to other mums about your experience through one of  our forums.


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