Respond to the government consultation into the 3 month time limit for raising a tribunal claim

Please note: There is an example email at the bottom of this post

The government has launched a consultation on pregnancy and maternity discrimination, specifically the three month time limit and extending redundancy protections.

There are two key points that we need them to hear before they close the consultation.

  1. The Tribunal time limit must be extended from three to (at least) six months. The Women and Equalities select committee recommended this two years ago – yet the government are trying to wriggle out of it with promises of “further consultations”. This is your opportunity to tell them why extending the limit from three to six months is essential, and cannot be delayed.
  2. Tribunals can already allow the three month time limit to be extended for discrimination cases if it is considered “just and equitable” to do so. Unfortunately few new mothers know about this rule. Please tell the government to update the guidance to reflect this; although it doesn’t replace the need for longer tribunal time-limits.

We have concerns about the government’s current focus on enhanced redundancy protections (read our statement here) while the most basic problem of tribunal time limits gets kicked into the long grass.

Please take a few minutes to email the government about this today.


Joeli and the Pregnant Then Screwed team

Here is an example email to send: 

Consultation Response

I am writing to respond to the consultation on enhanced redundancy protections and pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

For me the main issue is the tribunal time limit being set at three months. While your survey states that the government will consult further, both EHRC and the Women and Equalities Select Committee have already recommended the tribunal time limit for pregnancy and maternity discrimination be extended to six months. It is imperative that we increase access to justice for pregnant women and mothers, with 0.6% of victims raising a tribunal claim. Research conducted by Gorvins Solicitors with One Poll concluded that 14% of women who had experienced discrimination were prevented from accessing justice due to the three month time limit.

I would like to add to this [my own/relative’s] experience [describe in your own words why extending the time limit would have been helpful].

I am aware that the time limit can be extended under certain circumstances, but I would like to see this made clear in the guidance on pregnancy and maternity discrimination, and also specific examples of when this would be allowed. [Describe in your own word why this would be helpful, and whether you were aware of this rule when you were pregnant]

I believe updating the guidance would be important and helpful, but shouldn’t replace extending the time limit for tribunals.

Please do get in touch if you have further questions

Best wishes



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