As soon as I became pregnant, management began to belittle and “performance manage” me

I became pregnant during a period of change. I had a professional coding skill, that no one else in the office did and others relied on. As soon as I became pregnant, management began to belittle and “performance manage” me. I was saved only by being signed off by the doctor for stress, PGP & reflux.

My maternity cover was an unskilled school leaver. They used him to devalue my job. I’m convinced they got him to deliberately sabotage the reporting software I’d built. Redundancies inevitably came around. There were two vacancies I was eligible for and strongly believe should have been awarded as a close role based on location and pay grade. I was interviewed for both roles and the feedback was that I was too senior for them (despite being told throughout my pregnancy, and only during my pregnancy, that my role was an unvalued junior one). One role was given to someone two grades higher than me. The other to my maternity cover.

Acas secured a pay out for me. It was decent but not life changing. The way they treated me was terrible. It never made it to court. Sometimes I wonder if I should have pushed it all the way.


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