Stop NDA misuse update!

We’ve teamed up with Can’t Buy My Silence to launch a campaign to release all Channel 4 News employees from their NDA’s following allegations that they have been used to cover up gender pay discrimination, harassment and bullying.


Our petition to release these women from their NDAs is still open and ready for you to sign here. We have also had huge support for the campaign and published an open letter to Channel 4 News and ITN signed by Caitlin Moran, tv presenter Samira Ahmed, equal pay campaigner & journalist Carrie Gracie, the lass that took down Harvey Weinstein Zelda Perkins, feminist & author Laura Bates, lawyer Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, Time’s Up UK and a metric tonne of MPs.

NDAs are legal weapons used by the powerful to silence women. We do not know how commonly they are used because by their very nature, they are not disclosed to anyone, but we do know that many companies who have a brand which hinges on their dedication to equality also use NDAs to hide abhorrent behaviour. Many of the women we speak to who have signed an NDA are still experiencing the mental health impact months, and even years, later. We are calling on Channel 4 news to release employees from their NDAs. These women deserve the dignity of being able to tell their story. They deserve the dignity of being heard.

Add to our 27,000+ strong petition, and keep an eye out for more updates.


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