There’s no doubt it’s having a negative effort on my confidence and mental health at a time when I am vulnerable as a first-time mother

Firstly, thank you for creating this valuable forum – I am shocked and saddened to read the stories on here. Sadly, I never thought I would be in this position but would be grateful for any advice and guidance on the situation I find myself in…

Key points:-
• Joined company as a manager in July 2014
• Promoted to Head of Sales in October 2016
• Baby was born in February 2018 – two months early, I had not completed a handover at work

Spent approx 3 – 4 days during two weeks compulsory maternity leave (part of the time I was still in hospital with a poorly newborn baby) answering emails from work and completing my handover – whilst I was keen to help colleagues I also feel this was excessive.
Before Easter, I had an update call with HR where they talked me through the new maternity policy and briefly touched upon a proposed restructure of the business.

In the last few months, a restructure of the company has been taking place and is still ongoing – HR have emailed weekly updates around to a group of us on maternity leave, although they did not send a key update which relates to the department I work in.

A colleague and friend alerted me to changes in the department I work in, an organisation chart has me featured with the job title I held from July 2014 – October 2016 (essentially demoting me).

In May, we usually receive an Annual Sales Bonus at 10% of our annual salary – this is accompanied by a letter detailing the bonus and any pay increases etc. I haven’t received this letter but can see from my payslip that I have been awarded a bonus I believe to be 10% of my old salary – I’ve contacted HR to ask for the letter.
In early June, I emailed HR to ask for a copy of my contract – they responded with my original contract, my promotion letter from October 2016 and also a letter stating my reporting line had changed – the letter said ‘further to discussions…’ and that all other terms of employment remain unchanged.

I haven’t had any discussions with them about a change in reporting line (I understand they are entitled to do this) but they are implying it was discussed when it wasn’t and the letter was dated early May and supposedly emailed to my work email address – I have now checked my work emails and don’t have a copy; I also believe they should have posted a copy to my home address and/or emailed the letter to my personal email address (other correspondence with HR has been through my personal email address).

I have also seen a from our CEO email stating all staff are entitled to a pay increase of 2% backdated to April which was due to be paid in May – I don’t believe I have received this either (in previous years there’s been a line item on my payslips detailing the backpay).

I’m really sad to be writing this up as I loved my job and devoted a huge amount of time to the role…there’s no doubt it’s having a negative effort on my confidence and mental health at a time when I am vulnerable as a first-time mother.


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