Two year Lockdown Anniversary

(Trigger warning: experiences of women giving birth during with maternity restrictions)

It is two years since we went into lockdown. Two whole years. For many women who were pregnant or gave birth during the pandemic, lockdown meant attending appointments or going through labour on their own. We asked women to tell us about their experience.

This film documents why we continue to fight for all women to be accompanied by a birth partner to hospital appointments and throughout labour. Why we will continue to campaign to show that this must never happen again. Why we will never forget.

But, sadly, it continues to happen: Our friends BirthRights have written to Hull Hospitals and Bradford hospital Trust as they continue to restrict visiting to 1 hour on postnatal wards when new mums need support from the people they love. We are concerned about women in Northern Ireland and would ask anyone who has recently given birth in NI to contact BirthRights about their experience. And we are calling on all hospital trusts to allow birth partners to attend all appointments, labour, and postnatal wards despite rising cases of Covid – the mental health of new mums is too important.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to it’s making; And, finally, thank you to Millroad Creative for her expert film making. I know this film felt deeply personal to all of us ❤️ #ButNotMaternity


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