Last Friday, our own badass Osha and her daughter went to no. 10 Downing Street to deliver an #UnhappyMothersDay card and our petition calling for an independent review of the childcare sector.

The card had data from the biggest survey we have ever conducted. It’s a mammoth response because the problem is GARGANTUAN. We have been listening to women worried about their childcare costs skyrocketing, and this is on the cusp of fuel prices going up. We joined up with the incredible research team at Mumsnet to gather the data to show the Government the undeniable proof that the childcare system is broken and needs reform.


A whopping 27,000 of you responded, and the results were disgraceful. Our survey shows that two-thirds of families in the UK are paying the same (or more) for their childcare as their rent or mortgage. That rises to three quarters of mums working full time. And one in four are having to skip meals or forgo heating in order to afford it. Our childcare system is an expensive mess that is dragging families into poverty.


Furthermore, 41% of you told us there’s a six-month waiting list at your local childcare provider. And one in five said your local childcare provider has closed down in the past year. This is a childcare system that is neither affordable nor accessible for working families.


So we took those results and went EVERYWHERE, our data was covered by The Guardian, the BBC, The Telegraph, The Times Radio, i news, The Huffington post, GB News (don’t look at the comments) and more!

We used our research and teamed up with the geniuses at Wonderhood to create #UnhappyMothersDay cards, with unreal graphics by our Chloe and Rosie. We sent the cards to campaigners and MPs, as well as sending our troops to no.10 right to Rishi Sunak’s door.

Families are being forced into poverty because of extortionate childcare. And yet, childcare wasn’t mentioned once, not once, in the spring budget, despite Sunak saying repeatedly that he wants to support hard working families. Which hard working families are you supporting, Rishi when we have the second most expensive childcare system in the world!? We want reform NOW!


Take action, join us for March of the Mummies on October 29th 2022!


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