The Retained EU Law Bill Amendment by Stella Creasy and David Davis

Urgent Action: Email your MP about the Retained EU Law Bill

Remember that thing a few years ago where loads of people told us to leave the EU because it would somehow give us loads of cash? It was called Batshit, Fartit or BREXIT… that’s the one, BREXIT. Well, those same folk are now trying to rush through a Bill, off the back of Brexit, that will remove your employment rights.

Not to cause too much alarm – but if this Bill gets through and you’re a woman, particularly a woman who works part time, it has the potential to be a absolute disaster.

Ultimately, the Bill removes 4,000 laws, and Ministers – not Parliament- decide which ones to keep or amend without any scrutiny. And we all know how passionate Ministers are about the issues which impact working mothers, don’t we?

These laws give you access to:

holiday pay, health and safety protections when you’re up the duff, maternity and parental leave, equal pay, part time and fixed term workers rights, and a whole lot more. We kept saying that Brexit risked a reversal in women’s rights – well here we are – and we need to work together to stop it.

Mr Sunak wants the Bill to pass before the end of the year, and it is advancing through parliament at lightening speed. So much so, the third reading is on Wednesday and then it goes to the Lords; so we need your help to stop it, or at least to slow it down. I know we’ve just asked you to fill out the childcare inquiry but now we need you to help stop this madness making its way through Parliament.

We’ve written a letter to send to your MP. It takes all of 20 seconds to send – click the link below. Please do it ASAP as we are running out of time.. Stella Creasy and her team are working hard behind the scenes on an amendment to the bill to ensure everything is scrutinized by MPs, not just Ministers, which is, you know, part of living in a democracy (!!) so we will be back with more information on that soon.
Click here to email your MP


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