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Vacancy for a freelance CRM System Integration Specialist (Beacon)

Beacon Project Lead – Freelance role 

Pregnant Then Screwed is seeking a skilled and experienced freelance CRM System Integration Specialist to set up and deliver the implementation of the Beacon CRM system. We need someone who can design and deliver an implementation plan that works for every facet of the organisation, and is fully GDPR compliant. This person would then train each member of the core team in how to use Beacon.

Here is what we need: 

Membership Services:
PTS runs a membership programme for approximately 3,500 people. This membership programme currently operates through CAF.  All member data needs transferring over to Beacon from CAF and the payment system needs to be established so that all current and  future payments go through Beacon, meeting all GDPR compliance requirements. 

The web user journey will need to be updated to allow for a smoother sign up process into Beacon instead of the integrated CAF form going forwards. Our web agency (Halo) can help with front end web dev but the Beacon project lead would need to deliver back end integration. Please note: We do not want to run payments through our website and all payments must run through Beacon. 

The membership element of Beacon integration is the priority. We want this set up by 2nd March 2024 (subject to front end dev agency capacity). 

PTS currently uses Mailchimp for our member newsletter and general newsletter. We need: 

  1. Fields to capture Mailchimp data to be built in Beacon
    2. Mailchimp & Beacon integration needs setting up to bring over historic data 
  2. Future Mailchimp signups to automatically feed into Beacon
    4. Vital that date of sign up is captured
  3. Vital that Opt in status is set up so that people who opt out in Mailchimp have their file auto-updated in Beacon
    6. People who opted into our mailing list through our latest Typeform survey to be imported into Beacon with a record of where they opted in flagged

General data:
PTS has 7 data sets held in various spreadsheets. These will need to be added to Beacon using a tagging system that makes sense for the organisation over the long term. The tagging system has already been created but we require advice on how to use it effectively.

PTS also regularly uses Typeform and Oscar PR to survey our community, we need recommendations from the CRM Specialist to allow smooth transfer of relevant data going forwards including exploration into existing integration apps to automate where possible.

Support Services:
PTS runs a number of support services, including a free advice line staffed by HR volunteers, a free legal advice line staffed by employment lawyers, an email advice service, a mentor programme, a coaching service and a mental health support service. In total we have around 120 volunteers who work across these various programmes.

We therefore need Beacon to be able to do the following:

  1. All volunteer applications to be made through Beacon 
  2. All volunteer data uploaded, including references/certificates etc
  3. Log volunteer hours (ideally cross references with cases logged)
  4. Email advice requests need to come through Beacon (these currently run through WordPress)
  5. Email advisors need to then access those requests and respond via Beacon 
  6. Coaching requests and appointments should also come through Beacon 
  7. Mentor requests should come through Beacon. We should also be able to submit updates and log the progress of the mentor relationship 
  8. Linking cases to volunteers

Development & Fundraising:
We need to be able to effectively track the life cycle of a PTS beneficiary and whether they have donated to the organisation or become a member. 

We would also like to use Beacon to keep track of all trust and foundation fundraising, including the progression of applications, income and reporting. 

Integration Process:
To ensure you are designing the system so it works for all facets of the organisation we would recommend a 40 minute meeting with the 3 heads of each department in the first instance. 

You will then start to build the system and test it with members of the team. Once the full system is in operation you will deliver training to the team so they understand how to use the system going forwards 

The membership programme is the priority. We want the membership programme to be running through Beacon by the 2nd March 2024. 

All other deliverables to be completed by 8th April 2024. 

The total payment for this project is up to £5,000 (we are not VAT registered so this is inclusive of VAT)
We are happy to pay 50% after completion of the deliverables related to the membership scheme. 

How to apply:
Please send us an outline of previous experience delivering something similar using Beacon as well as anything you would like to tell us about the process you would use to complete the deliverables, your expected timeline and the cost for delivery. 

Please email this information to Faeeza@pregnantthenscrewed by Thursday 22nd February.
We will inform you if you have been successful by Friday 23rd February and we would like you to start work immediately

About Pregnant Then Screwed:
Pregnant Then Screwed is a charity that exists to end the motherhood penalty. We are the voice of working mothers in the UK. We have a strong and deep connection with our beneficiaries. We provide world-class advice and support to mothers to help them improve their confidence and wellbeing, to give them the tools they need to challenge discrimination in the workplace and to support them to find work that works for them. We advocate for change and raise awareness of the specific challenges faced by working mothers. We challenge deeply entrenched stereotypes about the role of mothers in society. We work with employers, politicians, women and men to make change happen. We publish compelling research to educate, inform and lead the debate.



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