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Women are being forced to terminate wanted pregnancies because of childcare costs

It’s hard to hear. But it’s real. This is happening.


July, 2022

Women are being forced to terminate wanted pregnancies because of childcare costs. From our most recent survey we found that 60.5% say that the cost of childcare influenced their decision to have an abortion and 17.4% of women said that childcare costs were the main reason they chose to have an abortion. Read more here.

The data was worse for Black women with 76% of Black women and 70% of Mixed Race women stating that the cost had influenced their decision. 76% of single parents also said that childcare costs had been a factor in their consideration to terminate their pregnancy.

The survey also revealed that of 28,000 women who already had a child, or children, 62% said that childcare costs were either the main reason, or a factor in their decision, not to have more children. With 1 in 4 stating that it was the key reason they didn’t have more children.

We are beyond furious that our Government has allowed things to get to this point. This is something that is in their gift to fix, (well it would be if we had a bloody Government) but instead of campaigning for a system that works for mothers, some MPs are telling women they shouldn’t have an automatic right to bodily autonomy, and praising the US for rewinding Roe Vs Wade.

There’s an army of mums who are willing to get out on the streets and demand affordable, accessible, good quality childcare. We won’t stop until they bloody well listen.


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