Stories – I was forced out of my NHS job after getting pregnant

In 2015 I worked for an NHS Trust in Cumbria and was forced out of my job shortly after telling my female line manager that I was pregnant with my first child. Our department manager was male and a father himself. They forced me out through a series of intimidation, disciplinary action threats and underhand tactics to read my work emails to fabricate evidence that I was not doing my job adequately.

Before taking this job I had been employed for a different NHS employer for three years without issue. I was pulled into surprise meetings, upset and actually cried during these meetings and bullied into resigning or face being fired. My union rep was no help but I did manage to rake from them every last bit of pay that was owed to me, even though my managers tried their best to withhold it. One of my family members held a very senior position with the same NHS Trust and he too was pushed out of his job due to mental health issues. He said you wouldn’t believe how often this happens in the NHS.


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