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She made accusatory comments about being a working mother, and said I should think carefully about the impact it would have on the organisation if I took all the leave I was entitled to.

After announcing my very much planned pregnancy at work I was shocked by the response of the most senior leader of the organisation. In a one to one meeting about work when I was about 13 weeks pregnant she raised the topic of my pregnancy and asked me what my plans were for maternity leave.

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It is not easy to bring a claim especially against big employers like mine but I am also doing it for every other woman in my position who does not have the funds to do so. We need to make a stand against this. It is 2016 not 1916.

I worked for a large public sector organisation, one of the largest employers in the UK. I felt settled in my job, was committed, and I had been supported to undertake professional qualifications. I had been promoted for about 6 months prior to my maternity leave and felt confident that I had a good future

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