I haven’t finished my email to HR as of yet to raise a grievance because I don’t see the point. I’m just too angry and disappointed for words.

I am a staff nurse and in September 2015, I took a one year contract. I have a two year old daughter and took this post because it was a 20min drive from home and nursery and opened Monday to Friday. At the interview I explained my childcare arrangements, I also included details in an email prior to commencing the role. However, even though I handed in a flexible working request immediately to back up everything I had said at interview, plus sat down and spoke to a senior colleague, the request was ignored and within weeks of starting I found myself being forced to deviate from my childcare arrangements. To the tune of spending an extra £200/month and having to cancel my daughter’s swimming lessons. I became quite upset and found myself spending less time with my daughter. Between October and November my daughter and I also had a period of being quite ill. So, I ended up having some time off (2 weeks in total). Which probably pissed my boss off even more (actually I know it did). Anyway fast forward to this week and my daughter now has chicken pox. I managed to arrange childcare for Monday as her nursery wouldn’t take her (fair enough), I contacted the main hospital theatres to inform the bleep holder and they advised me to call my manager first thing Monday, as I had the childcare for Monday. I stupidly thought great it won’t be so bad as I’ll only need two days off and on one of those days my manager had been offering up an annual leave day anyway. Well, how wrong was I, I walked in on Monday morning and explained my situation. Only to be screamed and shouted at and told I couldn’t have the time off, that I needed to sort my priorities out and that it wasn’t my responsibility to look after my child. I was asked why my mother and mother in law couldn’t take my daughter, why my husband couldn’t take time off work (he’s self employed and would lose upwards of £150/day). Not only that but she left the office door wide open so that all of my colleagues could hear, as I walked away she continued to shout at me and by the time I made it onto the main ward I was shaking from head to toe. Anyway later on she had me back into the office, to tell me off about the inappropriate way I had asked for time off, about the correct procedure for requesting time off and the way I had annoyed her at just expecting the time off. She then said she couldn’t accommodate my request. I then turned round and explained my childcare arrangements, even though it was none of her business. The amount I actually earn after childcare and deductions (£153/week approx part time, pre baby it £500/week full time) and why my parents and my mother in law can’t take my daughter just like that. Plus the fact that my daughter was upset and uncomfortable and wanted her mother anyway. I then told her I would be handing my notice in that day. Which I did and after requesting a reduced notice period, senior management have granted it. I’m just so angry and upset that a. She hasn’t apologised. B. I was made to feel like a piece of shit. C. That she thinks she can be so bloody unprofessional. I haven’t finished my email to HR as of yet to raise a grievance because I don’t see the point. I’m just too angry and disappointed for words.