She got pregnant and they gave her triple the workload

Just delete this if you only want personal stories, it’s my friends story but she has gone.
This was about six years ago.
Very efficient young Russian woman, married to a non Russian, happy to live permanently in Uk.
Very stable and hardworking -her bosses were adamant about what a hard worker she was until she got pregnant, then overnight they gave her triple the workload which she gamely tried to do so they piled a bit more on… and more… until she said it was too much, then they blamed her pregnancy and said she wasn’t coping with the job now, how would she manage with a baby? They forced her out.
It had nothing to do with her pregnancy it was the massive unexpected workload.
She didn’t know how to complain because although her English is good it was conversational English, not legal English, she doesn’t always know her legal rights and there wasn’t as much stuff online then as now.
I don’t know what happened to her, I never saw her again, maybe she went back to Russia but I know she was smart, friendly and hardworking and gutted to be suddenly told she wasn’t good enough after all that praise.