I feel sorry for any pregnant staff under her

I am a teacher and I fell pregnant unexpectedly in the summer of 2009. I had just received a promotion and when I went to see my boss after my 12 week scan she was horrified.
It started from then. Making comments like “I don’t think she is pregnant, probably just fat” in the staff room. Sending memos about staff going to the toilet too much (I had to go a lot!). Physically grabbing my arm when I tried to walk past her as she was talking about my personal life. But one of the most horrific times was one morning when I was coming up to 8 months pregnant. I hadn’t felt my baby move all night so was a bit worried. Phoned midwife and she advised a cold drink, hot drink and some sugar and a brisk walk. If after an hour nothing then to come in. An hour of no movement and I was a mess so asked to leave work. She said (in front of everyone) “here we go again with the drama, now she wants us to think the baby is dead”. As it happened I was in the early stages of liver failure and pre-eclampsia. I was hospitalised and had my baby 3 weeks early. If I hadn’t gone in, the midwife said I probably wouldn’t have my beautiful baby girl.
At 6 months I asked for part time working and she obviously refused. I was so distressed I searched for a new job and luckily found one that was 2 days a week. It was a 45 min commute and was 3 months earlier than I wanted to return but it was a decision I made to escape the toxic headteacher. She is still a headteacher and I feel sorry for any pregnant staff under her, which in primary education is inevitable!