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Pregnant Then Screwed Coaching

Our coach:

Victoria Joy is a qualified life coach, former magazine editor, jigsaw puzzle-obsessive mum-of-one. With her unique blend of humour and compassion, she provides clients with the space to think, talk and take back control of their everyday life, one day at a time, so they can escape mental overwhelm, build up self-confidence and focus on the things that really matter. She’s passionate about freeing ourselves from society’s expectations and ingrained habits that drag us down in order to re-capture and enjoy the small pleasures; put simply, she’s here to help you make your life feel easier. You can find her on Instagram.


The sessions:

Each session is free and client-led, which means we’ll talk about, explore and action-plan whatever feels most important to you on the day. The virtual sessions are your space – they’re strictly confidential, completely free of judgement and agenda, and solely focused on helping you move forward in a way that feels right for you. As a coach, Victoria won’t tell you what to do or make decisions for you; she asks the questions that help you reach clarity and confidence yourself.

All coaching sessions take place on Tuesday’s 10am – 1pm and will last one hour. Please click here to book your coaching session with Victoria.

Although the hope is that one session will help set you up well and give you the tools you need, you may want to book another slot with Victoria to continue the conversation or discuss a new topic entirely. To do this, you’ll need to book another free session using the same link and Victoria will be in touch.



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