I am a senior care worker with an exemplary record but since I announced I am pregnant, I am being pushed out

I had been in my job 2 months when I was promoted to a senior care position, repeatedly being told by my manager that I was the best senior they had and that I excelled in my work. Then I became pregnant!! And since I told my boss I am being pushed out. They have called me into the office 3 times.(i’ve never been called in once before) they have fabricated things that haven’t happened, I receive emails daily with complaints and accusations. I have been demoted back to a carer and when I raised concerns about manual handling was told all they could offer me was a cleaning job.(I have been a senior carer for 6months and that’s the only role I have done until I became pregnant).i am being discriminated against and pushed out and I have never been under so much stress or so intimidated in my life. I’m not sleeping, my appetite has gone and I feel completely alone and helpless.i am so shocked that my employer can get away with this in this day and age.